Doctor Who “The Rings of Akhaten” review

So I’ve been reading some very, very mixed reviews of this weekend’s new Doctor Who.  What are your thoughts?  (SPOILERS AHEAD!)  To me, it seemed primarily focused on character development, establishing both who Clara is as a person and who the Doctor is, right now — where his mind and hearts are.  As far as plot, it didn’t seem to have much to do with the grand plot, though maybe it was just subtle and will be revealed later on (this is Moffat, after all).  And it did introduce some larger questions, such as why doesn’t the TARDIS like Clara?  If the Doctor saw Clara as a young girl and knew who her parents were (side note: I was amused at his stalking of her over the course of her life), then who was the blonde Clara from the prequel?  A different-universe version of Clara, like Oswin and Victorian-era Clara?  Is this some sort of multiverses-colliding thing?  Anyway, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the episode, so please comment!


This will make you smile

This is so adorable. I’m grinning like an idiot.

Coffee Break

This little find made me grin from one ear to the other and pretty much made my entire day.

I hope it will bring you the same kind of joy! 🙂


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Costumes are not Consent

Costumes are not Consent

Several women I interviewed reported experiencing sexist, lewd treatment at conventions.  This article addresses the problem.  Thoughts?

New Doctor Who tomorrow!!

FINALLY!!  Tomorrow is the new episode of Doctor Who, where Clara Oswald officially becomes the new companion.  I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Who is she?  What does she mean for the Doctor, for the Question that must never be answered?  Squee!

For a trailer of the new episode, click here:

Following in the most excellent footsteps of, I will list my five favorite episodes of DW.  A tough choice to be sure, but here goes…

The Girl in the Fireplace

The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey find themselves aboard a spaceship with an unusual link to the past.  The Doctor realizes that the ship has portals to various moments in the life of Madame de Pompadour, or Reinette.  This episode delves into the Doctor’s past and psyche in a very subtle but effective way.  It’s also the first where we learn that his name is secret for a reason.  The ending is dark and saddening, which only echoes the lessons we learn about the Doctor himself and his destiny.


I don’t know if I can articulate why I adore this episode so.  It operates on so many levels, and is so clever.  The Doctor and Martha, with (unintentionally) Captain Jack in tow, find themselves at the end of the universe.  They meet a Professor Yana who is trying to launch a rocket to save humanity from the end of the universe — a rocket to Utopia.  But what can Utopia be if the universe is ending?  This episode brings together so much of what has happened in the series before, including in Torchwood, and brings characters and themes from the classic series to the new.  It’s technically the first of the three-part season finale, but to me it stands alone in its simple brilliance.

The Fires of Pompeii

The Doctor and Donna find themselves in Pompeii on the day the volcano erupts.  This episode is about free will and predestination — to what extent are we bound to the past.  It’s about making a difference where and when we can, and when the way that things must happen is ultimately the better way.  The part of the episode that sealed it for me as one of my favorites, though, was the end, when the Doctor and Donna stand before the lever where they must decide what path the world will take.  I won’t spoiler it for those who may not have seen it, but if you have, you know what I mean.  Donna’s choice gives me the feels every time.

The Beast Below

This is the first episode of DW I ever saw, and it hooked me on first watch.  It’s Amy’s first voyage with the newly-regenerated Doctor, and they land on Starship UK.  What starts as a mystery with severely dark implications ends as a morally-complex exploration of compassion and faith in others.  Beautiful, touching, and an exemplar of the best DW has to offer.

Let’s Kill Hitler

Amy and Rory’s childhood friend Mels hijacks the TARDIS and brings them and the Doctor to World War Two.  WW2, though, isn’t the important part of this episode. The important part is that this episode explores River’s character and past more deeply than probably any other.  Her choices in this episode forge the path of her future.

Honorable Mention: The Long Game

Because Simon Pegg plays the villain.  Yeah.

Which ones are your favorites?

What does being a geek mean to you?

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard people argue about the difference between geeks and nerds, I’d have paid off my husband’s student loans by now. But rather than pitting them against each other, let’s consider them individually. Being a geek isn’t a stigma anymore; it’s a point of pride. What does it mean to you to be a geek? When you call yourself a geek, what are you saying about yourself, and how does it make you feel?

Wanna Be Pen Pals?

From the amazing blog Pure Geekery. I have come to hate snail mail, but only because it’s either bills or junk. If it were a real letter from a friend, that would be pretty cool.

Gee4 12#- The Most Underrated Product Since Star Trek Voyager

Gee4 12#- The Most Underrated Product Since Star Trek Voyager.

A great post about comics outside of traditional superheroes.

Hello, geek blogosphere!

I’m about one month away from publishing my book, “How Geek Girls Will Rule the World”, featuring interviews with roughly 70 famous geek girls about their careers and how they overcame any sexism they encountered.  I have learned SO much from them, and been so incredibly inspired by their strength, spirit, and perseverance, that I decided to put that to use here in this blog.  (No, the blog will NOT be just me pushing my book!)  Here I will post about geeky topics of interest, post about geeky people who should be praised, and commune with other geeks on WordPress and other blog sites.  Looking forward to joining the geek community here!

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